Thanks for visiting my site, I’m Philip Quintas and I write songs and sing them because I believe that music can help us connect with ourselves and with each other better.

I've been looking for ways to share the Classic Rock Influenced Jesus Music I write with you because I trust that you will enjoy it and it will expand the soundtrack of your life.  To be honest, it was really challenging for me to express what I do and why I do it because it's such a big part of who I am, spiritually, and has been since I began to play guitar and write songs in the late 1970's.

You can listen to the best music I have available for download here.  To watch some of the videos I’ve made, visit my public video gallery.  This is a small fraction of what I have to offer.  I'm far from done creating.  In some ways, I'm just getting started and I could use your help because what I do has its greatest value when I'm doing it for you.

From what I understand, the best way I can be of service is by sending you unique material and interacting directly with you one-to-one.  In other words, I'd like to get to know you better and deliver more of a singular experience directly to you.

For starters, I just completed my first actual music video.  You can see a snippet of it by clicking on the red and green video thumbnail with my picture on it somewhere on this Welcome page or by clicking here.  I'll send you a link to the full version of the video, before I make it public, as well as a FREE download of any of my songs.  All I need to know is where to send the link and who to send it to, plus which original song of mine you want (you can choose from any of these).

If you like what you see and hear from me, I’d love to make what I do next extra special for you.  My goal is to transform your encouragement (likes, comments, shares, emails and/or purchases), into timeless, classic recordings, magical events and great memories. 

Remember to enter your Email Address and First Name and then click the "SUBSCRIBE" button so I can give you more details on how you can get extra benefits in exchange for that awesome kindness.  Just so you know, the word "subscribe" is weird to me, considering I'm talking about a personalized experience including exclusive, insider access to me and more music I'm creating just for you.  I simply haven't learned how to change the label on the opt in button, yet!

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